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Safety Support Person

Role Purpose

To support the event Health and Safety officer in maintaining safety on the site. Assist with providing guidance and support to individual church coordinators on site. Assist with monitoring the site, taking action as required and liaising at all times with the Health and Safety Officer, bringing concerns to his attention in timely fashion.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support the Health and Safety Officer
  • Assist in monitoring the site, notifying concerns and taking action as required


  • Sound working knowledge of health and safety
  • Good communication skills, able to communicate information and site needs in a pleasant and reasoned manner
  • Excellent decision making ability, able to discern and take a balanced view of situations
  • Ability to lead and provide guidance to large numbers of people in an emergency situation
  • Physically fit, able to spend a lot of time walking around the site 


This is seen as a full time role, with the post holder being available to the Health and Safety Officer for the duration of the event, from Friday to Tuesday.

This post will attract a discount of £100

Thank you for your interest in serving this area. Once your booking is complete you will receive an email from your team leader giving you further details.