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Traffic and Site

Role Purpose

Responsible for stewarding the site including staffing the main gate during check in and all gates through the event as needed, giving directions to on-site traffic and generally helping us to maintain a safe and relaxed environment for delegates.

You may also be asked to assist with any incidents which arise such as helping in the search for lost children, delivering important messages and assisting the medical team by managing traffic and keeping those not involved clear of any incidents.

Duties and Responsibilities

Stewarding the site

  • Support the provision of a safe, secure and relaxed site
  • Ensure the safe movement of traffic around the site
  • Assist colleagues as requested
  • Help visitors to the site as needed

Traffic Management

  • Setting up the carpark and main gate arrivals area before the event
  • Welcoming and checking in delegates at the Main Gate
  • Directing of traffic safely around the site
  • Monitoring of car parking areas during arrival and departure
  • Direct cars in the car park to ensure maximum use of space


 Requirements and qualifications include:

  • Common sense
  • Good sense of humour!
  • Able to use a two-way radio (training provided)
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Able to follow instructions
  • Appropriate clothing for outside work (including sun cream, waterproof clothing, gloves and sturdy footwear)
  • Good communication skills and an ability to direct
  • Able to handle confrontation in a gracious manner
  • Able to work in any weather and be on your feet for much of your shift


Work from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday morning.

Work one 4-hour shift per day, each day

We are offering a discount of £50

Thank you for your interest in serving this area. Once your booking is complete you will receive an email from your team leader giving you further details.